Friday, May 19, 2017

tempus vitae

Kay Hassan

With my rifle in sight,
where  only enigmatic beings, unknown to man or beast,
 were  meant to dwell within the icy peaks.
"There are no deer in these parts, little hunter," I said,
And that was  what anchored in my head,
Until the horizon unveiled a majestic sight;
A grandeur deer, emerged from nowhere.
running wildly on the milky snow in the frigid cold,
Propelled by the divine illumination of the Almighty's lantern,
The giant scene soon,
 impelled me to escape the clutches of death, 
  In such a wild cold, the grandeur deer ,
was followed by a streak of a magnificent,
Spotted tigers, approaching His loins,
Here and there; with giant gaping jaws  and
Thrusting paws , everywhere around Him  ,
And behind Him.
He was racing His destiny at a full swing  ,
Fighting back with His splendid
Fatal symmetry –
of the velvet covered- Andouiller- (Antler.)
(Against the Tigers' dispute.)*
Haunting the sky like a thousand Albatros
And making the noise in the scale of a giant city,
He flew, through the  un-trodden,
  storm-troubled   downhill  trails,
 And ran above  the sliding  avalanches –
 And down on His way -The Deer,
 crossed a million barriers and rocks,
 traps, strongholds and tree stalk, 
following the lead of His instinct
He tripped and-
Fell down from a cliff to cliff
 Rolling down
 On the harshest landscape God has ever made,   
And like an experienced  charismatic leader,
 manoeuvred for a thousand narrow escapes of  death,
counting on my clumsily -assembled statue    
and conflicts amidst
  the ambush* fellows over the first bite.

In such a wild waste-land
Where still Heaven’s  glory sprawled .
He ran with wet eyes and fog of breath,  
where  steps rhymed  like a sacred bell.
 And as the power of will shone
More lustrous than the thunder of arms. 
I screamed. 'O Glory of the sky,
 within the triple murderers'  hearts.'
(The Tigers, Himalaya and myself.)
I felt the scene with a horrible  shame.
But keen to watch the deer's spring and
 Tigers' ambush's attack-at once
“Have any royal-Tiger Horses.
 witnessed  such a  deer stalking rivalry.”
 He is jumping from the edge- of the world-
Over the hermits' suicide cliff.
"God must have made
 out  of the mountain's snow
 a river in the spring -
streaming down the valley,
to flow  on the paradise cushion'
said the first hermit I met.
"Enlighten me,  blessed one," I shouted.                                                                                                       ' May, someday, in the same season
the ocean's tsunami hit the height,
And take the heart of Himalaya apart ' He added.
There was no extra  moment to ask him-- 
The Tigers scrutinised the flying-
Deer in shock, and like we do
for the  glowing gods
 They held for him a highest regard.,
And came to prompt halt

 We stayed, as much as we could
 hands on the hilt, and paw on heart,
 Until the Deer rested on the stream
 He swam  to where  He was out of reach,
On the other bank of the river,
He lingered across the untouched meadow, and 
Turned back  His head without regret
And stared high from afar;
 Docilely in sorrow, for us
He saw the ambush*- have crumbled to lone wolves 
Each  through a gloomy trail,
was running up with no interest  in
 Their syndicate, anymore.

They had already started the climb.
Though everyone  was  gone
Idlest I was  amid the boundless  rage,
With my arm next to the sage.
Playing the dedicated pillar of the tale.  
Weaving, in shame,  a new twist,
 and brewing a universal  storm in heart
Where the death ceases to have intellect.   
And Thy court ran out of verdict.

The End   

* The symmetry- in William Blake's Tyger. (Tiger.)
*Ambush-streak = Group of tigers.   


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