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Depletion of  Koh-i-Noor
Kay Hassan

The beauty  growing- in my frame:
Kings had  of it, in East, and West,  
Since  the eruption  of the desires,
In the hollow core of the genesis-   
Back in the depth of history-
The machine of  our  miseries ,   (Miserable  Journey.)
That never has stopped collecting
 The flesh of pains in the  Lean centuries
As the horrible living revenants
On behalf of a thousand gods
 ran  always the farce of  Paradisal Brewery
On this planet's fatigued gaze . (Always Late)
 April is  coming over the barren land
And the fertile females bred males
To dig up in the mountains for dear stones,
Or dig up for roots of AGARWOODS  and,
 Scrap off them up to their  trunks
In the dead of night-or in the light of the day
Chiseling the divinity in the virgin waste,    
 And  digging- always- for God’s  dust,
 Hidden ,  in His forbidden  properties:
-The restricted  park
For  Kings, Rajas and His whelps
-OR, were  lying down under the snow,
Until there were times to grow  
 Blossoming, up to the summit of desire
 to becoming the justified height  
Of the femininity  gracefulness  of  tiaras
And the virility  talisman of  crowns  might   
 Behind the altar, lies
 On My  blessed patch; My Little TAQ;
 A polished ember like  glowing niche
In an eye ball of serpentine  inlaid with gold
Surrounded by a rich toned  velvet ,
In rhyme with  the walls of the hued  palaces
As such -I  Lived in the trust  of the kings
Queens,   princes, and knights,
Then  at the Dreary  time  of MY  nights .
When  My lords’ desires  depleted,
Was Contained-  all the  sooner
By the suavity of  their  concubines
Where outside their   havens  giant walls
  Silk merchants were  on fire,
For having  parked  their caravans
For a long  , cold  winter  night- -
Growling upon the slacking  time
 though having Camels and Mules -
Laden with jewels  ,Perfumes ,
 Incense cedar, Agarwoods
And Chinese astonishing merchandise.
 Howdahs , set  on elephant  backs,
 Filled with the finest  damsels  of East
Trafficking , for their  - solace-
  The  gossips of My holiness
-( The child of God) 
Amongst  the royals ,all over the world
 And fuelling the  fire of  envy
In the cruel mind of  conquerors,
 Who would  set fire in the  fairy city
Of pilgrims and treasure seekers :
 Poets, bards, rhapsodists, and thieves.
And turn over upside down.
The God’s grace in the town .
Otherwise,   the prevailing price ,
at which if they had been  traded
Would have  dried  the trail of His graces   :
 The main supply - route  of  life.
(That was how they  described the eve of the designed  war.)                  

Gemstones Snatched from Kollur Mine,
Were guarded by Soldiers and mercenaries
Who - for their lords
  fought, over them hand to hand.
As the elation  in their hearts, magic like
Bloomed  in the material of the  stones,
which in their trust  were tightly  held-
Though , they  ritually had to die
Prior to the  festive delivery of them- (The Gems)
Which had to live under the new lords
In the  core fortified patch of the city   
Where the royal bottom patches
Were  brewing the talent of hypocrisy
And the fatal tools for conspiracy
  In  the castles'  darkest  light ,
To lay  hands on the -Talisman
Of  the  sacramental true body ,
Of the divine scepter of sovereignty
   A hard time  I had of it,  (As A Holy Gem.)
 Prior to My  absence  over many years
When stayed on  run-as much as I could.
Without having snatched any  sleep
During the   war cry of a thousand  Oriental  kings,
Who were  Chasing the Talisman,
The clue to  my intimate holy  gate :
The  cleft of Venus  in their - tongue.
The -slang word- of the gate of the sky.

When I knew, once,  who I might be
My  physical being (A handful of Dirt-)…  .(Eliot and others.)
And  My exiled  Meta physic   (- the fear of dirt)
Lived as the eye  of the DEVI-                  ( The goddess  of the Hindus  temple.)
Until  was snatched, to be
Watching the heaven and universe ,
 justice, and fairness of sovereigns ,
Kings had no sense of humour  
Though I was  a curse on their heads;
 Had learnt to be the watching  eyes of Devi ,
wherever,  I’ been then , and later,
Even  upon Kakatya dynasty ‘s demise ,
When India lost her to Turkic raid for loot,
Or when was passed on to Dehli  Sultanates
Who could not keep Me against
 Mughals’ sharpest  eyes of plunder
” I was never a diamond of Babur
Nor a Humayun’s  daily  court- news.”
And though had tears of light
Never, had cast a glimpse on  Jahan’s  Taj- night -(Taj Makal.)  
“Nor  enjoyed  His  peacock throne.”
I spoke upon the falling of
The -Heaven-depleting grandeur------ (Thus Poet M. Qudsi. described- Peacock Throne )
And  the  lies of the timeworn books  
As the chandler  lustre reflection
Rebounded  during  the old king’s wake
Revealing  the greedy eyes of the frozen  beauty
Around  Diamond and Oriental Topaz
The heavenly  fallen  Grandeur.
“Nor was placed in a spot to reflect the  Taj  for  fools.”
“Nor was  brought up with  heavenly  features 
To become concubine of Muslim Sultans  “
I  gasped upon the depression of beauty.
And cried for  the Lady -Begum--           (Mumtaz Mahal)
Mother of twelve, yet jealous of,
Sharing- the material of a soft  man
With a horde of  female spouses   
(Though -biologically wasn’t a pure breed- she-)
The bastardized  descendant of Genghis Khan-    
Who from  him  inherited the fire of  Eros ,
Mixed with - Tamerlane’s cruel blood-and zeal-  
But, only to contain love  in the  scale of his rage
Readied  for her metamorphosis  -
Even  on one side of  an asteroid -
Strayed  in the space after Eros    . ( Crater on Eros-  433 )
“It is true,  Jahan’s ungrateful son,
 Raped My body by a Venetian  boy ,
And  became slimmer  then and later ,
for the touches of  a thousand fingers ”
 I  gave My last tribute to India
When was taken by the act of
 The greatest loot’s principia  
 “ In  exchanging -our- curses-
  He called me : Kuh I Nur-
And  I cast  My curse and-AL-  LAANAT-               (Laana-- Arabic- Islamic word - roughly means -curse)
 On his Non  Shahanic - head, -          (Shahanic-from Shahana- Royal-   Refers to Nadir Shah -the king of Persia-)
And his propitious Astrological dates , 
 Which were far superior  to
 The halo of his  immortal  lifeguards.”
I waited , and stuck to turban ,bracelet,  and mantels
Until forced  the descendent of his best  general,
 To make  My way back to Motherland.
“To where I sat close to the  goddess-of the temple-
 But still far from the  eyes of justice .”
Having no choice- I-.
 prostituted myself in their castles
Until  West mingled with East .
And all those storms
Became the  memories  of past,
Before  the mother of the cities- (Mumbai .) 
And  the woman who,
 Did  beat the dullness  of the world.
Together, Gave birth to a bard,
Who  made out of -The  wobbly
 Trust between them,
The ballad of World’s  Lullaby-
Of doubt
 “ I sat my eyes  on the greatest empire.”
And blow  a spell to reach the Dire
 Spot of the Tiara of  Victoria  the great
 “’Those eyes and those teeth are diamonds ,
 Said Her Majesty  to my Raja .
“And  in return  to the grace of  his godmother,
“  the  Black Prince,
“Presented  Me in Queen’s palace…”
“Then at dawn we came down to the court
where I  was again slimmed down
And readied to  ascend  the  crown
The place where on  I started My mission- of curse,
 Disturbing  the everlasting dawn
In the  lands of  the greatest empire throne.”
Having then involved the world
 in the  greatest   wars of all time.”
Hence, after the time of foolishness ,
Was Held in trust, by a  younger lady of power
As a prisoner in Her Jewel’ Tower
 With the trivial works  of her  jeweller

They raped the trinity of My glow.
Where the river Thames, still, flow,
“After it was too late,
“They came  down to My cellar.
”And said in My mother’s  tongue- Naastik -“   (Godless in Hindi-)
And-Institute of Chemistry  studied  Me,
My Covalent bonding  and brilliant lattice.
And My   contaminated  status .
While Institute of History 
Memorizing the names of  the horses  
Which galloped away with Me- Far Away.
crushing  the meadow for the knights
Who on their backs fought  .
On the snow between mountains, and valleys,
On the cities road ,streets - alleyways
Kings killed their brothers and invaded kingdoms
Or lost their kingdoms  in dirty   plots:
 assassinations, battles and conflicts.(Were involved)
 They were triggered by envy and greed,
 To fight over  My magnificent  body,
Not over  My soul and charm , which
Millions are  now anxious to see
Or  cast a glimpse on My inner grace
 for- big or a little joy- on face
“Whiteout  having a clue
Of what I had been through,
And why  my  spell worked on ,
  Those who  forbade my glow.”

Despite, the dangers  of My whims    
Under the tower of  the  desire
I  never planned to hang fire.
I: The perplexed giant  diamond
Poured  My anger, that -For onlookers , seemed-
 Like the limped water  of a little spring
With a thousand brilliant IRISES  
My fame-  my Grandeur --You say.
I am looking into the sea of your emotion
Son of man- you have no spot of  solace
C'etait mon enfant, mon bijou, mon ame.-“ -(Wallace Stevens )-
 “Though the new rise is hard,                                                                                                                 and a cruelest agony ,by far,
  Harsher than maintaining
 the  universe  splendid   harmony. 
 When  the  beauty gives up
 challenging  for its architectural  grace    
However, someday if were set free,
 By an immortal hand of  (From William Blake.)
a-supreme potency beyond the cloud,  
For the truth , the absolute truth,
Which might make a little triumph
Would not- fear  expose My  magnificent   name ,
From the  highest tower of the city.
 To the rage of  His nasty  believers,
“-Celestial?”     (The Corus sung under the tower. )
“-Oh God’s sheep… I am a baby- planet                                                                                                               The  most  inferior dust of the universe,” I                                                                                                growled, and closed my  thousand  eyes.

The End

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