Monday, April 10, 2023

The Inferiority of Ego: The Stance and Illusion

Kay H.

Eureka, Eureka,

Hung on hylē,

Crafting the psycho-dissolving,

Where mysteries and wonders immerse. In the starry sky, A rogue ego ventures on fleeting thoughts, traversing the cosmic sea. They say, a projection in trance, figments of multifaceted beings, entwined in a hypnotic dance, like an illogical hypothesis.

In cosmos fabric
yet running through the labyrinth of time,
resistant to demise, hiding behind a thousand stories of triumph and woe, with a constant flow, and ebb: The flow that
man everlastingly had known,
everywhere: The paradoxical truth
of being infinite, nut so much finite in tragedy.
Saints you are, whores you are,
Making hypothesis:
Dream is ego's schizophrenia,
Where Good and Evil united him in sin
You may wander Like a tyrant king,
conquering all within your whim, Or like a humble beggar, crushed on streets
Eager always for a little bite,
have some expectations,
and a little believe in salvation;
Be patient, gentle soul,
It is the grand plan of life's design,
That has me roaming in such a humbling awe,
Amidst the chaos and strife,
Beauty draws wounds
that are lingering on the skins,
Never healing. The craving is never sated, The drive is celebrated, To be loved, adulated, You are a projection of a mind that seeks to find its worth, In a world that sees value in the deeds of birth. Within the model of God
or an angel at least.
Practicing, exercising and Experiencing the spiritual truth, that serves to untangle the paradox of the conscious cogito
Clutching non-being for proof,
Embracing the mystery of untrue stimuli. As you journey on, the universe unfolds its Viscera,
tolerating the misconceptions of our forebears Revealing the vastness and the depth of your reach, on the surface, You witness the birth of stars, And the dance of galaxies, The wonder of black holes, the beauty of nebulae. In such inferior decaying frame of man You see the cycles of life, the birth and decay, The ebbing and flowing of the universe's soul, The energy, the balance of time, the balance of night and day. You embody the power of nature, the force of the trivial elements, The beauty of the earth, the wonder of its inhabitants. As you journey on, you meet other creatures like you, With stories and experiences that are both old and new. You see the variety of life, the richness of diversity, The beauty of uniqueness, the wonder of individuality. At the end, the mystery remains, the paradox sustains the life, And you, dear stray creature, continue your journey, unchained. You embrace the unknown,
The mysteries that reveal the timeless tales of being  
Yet, you are anchored in the centre of the expanding universe.
  Stay true to universe ,
the universe is you.


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