Saturday, October 11, 2014

To Marx

To Marx with respect.: I wrote this, while I was working  at  a construction site
and felt there is no  insult worse  than saying .'YOU HAVE NOTHING TO  LOOSE..' 

Oh, Good Man  hey...  good man, hey,
My sibling in anarchism,
I am  a universal beast,
 laden  with the wrath of a thousand gods
And synopsis of  prophets’  hatred biography  ,
Breathing  Poseidon’s  poison,
Down  the  Celestial  of the Twelve Olympians
To where   you  stand now with a hose of words
To  quench   dreams by  dreams
By such  un-rhymed  terrestrial poems .

You were a  good rhymester , kid,
Lost your  track  earlier middle giant books,
Or under the weight of  your friends’ humiliating fund,
Though you  never  felt of its pain,

You  never have done any work,. “ But  had right in other's property .”
Or  had a little joy in apprenticeship,
To learn   what  laborers’ loss   might mean

Would you  raise a triumphant sign
Somewhere  to deliver the  coup de grace?
The giant  corpse you saw is still  living
And won't fit your metaphoric pit
 For having  lacked the skills of digging-art

Confess, good man, I dare to say,
'You have  never -- looked
 Into the depth of  such  a  pit.'


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