Monday, September 18, 2006

Ancients’ Remains

                         Ancients’ Remains

kay H.

We were ghosts,on the Golden Heights,
Oh, Golden Heights ,
 Golden Heights ,
Having always roamed with destructed frames, and
poisonous chemistry, standing yet,  on broken taluses,
at the edge of the clif
Under the old oaks and hazels,
Of the ancestors  graveyards;  The Cemetery  Of Heart.
Sieving the dirt  and  fossils
Looking unto sky.
Having owls eyes, yet
Gazing silently and gravely, into the cold rays.
Listening to the crickets'sound, in deep.
Singing my fear from the dirt.
In the cracks of ancestors’ bones,
Settled still at the bottom of the stream,
Revealing God's act for  such a cruel history.


They were warriors, pattering on the same land.
Like real knights of legendary kings,
they were soldiers, infantries and cavalries;
were lost in time.
stripped off their ranks and uniforms ,
They were my brothers;
  warriars   for ever.
who fought  for nothing.

Along this river and far, up to the mountains,

At entrances of the cities, almost everywhere,walked

Swords, daggers and rifles in hand.

They followed the first great warrior , Ankido,

And soared on carts,

Under Gilgamesh , the mighty king of Sumer.

Thet were mercenaries, and least cruel species ,

I know their faces, one by one,
They were written on the bones

They were many,But,

Had been  wrecked,  and settled  down at the bottom,

where worm, conferva and fish thier built nests.

There, they cracked:   Hold on,man, we are brothers.

There  we halted for a second,

With tearing eyes, recalling shattered memories and goodwills
Of the naked troopers,and bare feet soldiers.
Walked once like aliens on the Golden Heights.


Midst all magistrates of the then time,

I was the only footman, though

Screamed; fathers, priests,  kings, gods;

You have not warmed dead  couches,

Whores would have …


We were still seeking for precious stones midst the remains .

Seeking ancient rolls metaphorically ,

Bones, ivories, parchments, warriors’ vaults

They said, diamonds had been  hidden in,

But I knew;

The only silicon strap has wrapped my bone, the left over.

The End


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