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"In remembrance of Dostoevesky"

"Dear Gorby, keep  Alexis closer than ever to yourself...never disclose your secrets to public." Muttered the first lady of the falling empire. She was breathing heavily under her broad breast. “ See you soon, dear.” She said, and walked away, through the long corridor of the historic golden palace. We heard them talking with the warmest  words of the chaotic time. However, despite  her confidence in Alexis, unexpectedly, all of a sudden  she came to a  halt, and  look back restlessly once or twice, nodding then randomly, towards him.  "I left him under God's hand." Raisa G.  muttered, desperately.  In fact, in all her long life had not believed in Him, publicly .

She looked frozen, hesitantly trying  to step forward, for she has just glimpsed the journalists'army rushing in savagely with  a thousand strange looks, bleating for a little magical hunt .
"Journalists!" She sighed and left the castle, desperately." They are my guests." Gorby said loudly, grinning ironically." I guess so, or I have to believe that." She said and disappeared .

Alexis had barred the Gorby's wing from the attackers. He has already blocked the corridors. Whilst at the same moment we heard an awful desperate scream, through the main corridor, mixing legends of theology and materialism symbols. Nothing like that was seen since the last Tzar's reign ;   Saint Nicholas the Martyr.
" It is a new era., he has to listen to everyone."  Alexis has told me, earlier. Anyway I would understand it without his help..

Gorby announced the occasion. Every thing was obscure for the whole world. Their allies were shocked. Alexi was squawking with a new chosen word. "The honourable guests have arrived, Sir." He avoided successfully the word comrade; it looked the old style courtesy had ceased to exist ;  words have to be consistent , with the training he had recently received. Alexi could use the word TRANSPARENT several times.We encouraged him to be fluent and confident.

The word comrade has been banned moments ago... comrade shall be dead in our language, forever. Everyone at that time came upon the nonsense of The End of History.And, we were halting together with Marx’s version of The End of History. But. later soon a man out of history, found out the iron frame of the Last Man replacing comrades, philosopher, knights and legendary horses with the features of the real blend.
" The last man of no colour."  I thought and  went to the bathroom to vomit, counting our weakness, my weakness and yours.

We were the last men,  suffering from mortgages, cancer, swine flue,prostate enlargement ,heart weakness, rescission, pollutions, racism,energy, debt and ages. And I saw there, hailing faces everywhere, cheering for the last man and McDonald on Russian streets.
 ".McDonald is a school, man,  and rap is a perfect rhythm for the military march , I am serious." I said at  field during the training period.
" Is that the end of the world." An old comrade had screamed at me  midst his guards and shot his temple.
" Was he sick?" I asked Alexis.
" Are you insane, he was a man of principle." Alexi said darkly.
" I see."

Boris had murmured secretly in Vladimir. I. Lenin's ear. "You gave us a hard time, comrade, but we never uncover your secrets. Here is the man who dared to deny you. ”  He meant Gorby, who was always behind the seen, only spies had known the details.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please pay attention." Alexis said,directing his face towards the journalists. He was struggling to impress the real men of the world, trying to overcome all Russian weakness, he was wondering in pain. "Were we just liars or cowards or saints?" But we encouraged him to recover himself., and face them like a hero. The tittle Tsar looked out of fashion,even Russia formally ended the Tsardom in 1721,  it was not a proper word becoming the frame of the new man.

The journalists were clustering there , focusing their sights on a hatch in a door at the end of the corridor, where Gorby was preparing his first speech as a real man.

" Where is the Tsar." They screamed, ironicaly .
"Not any  more Russia  needs Tsars." Alexis answered them darkly.
It was a great relieve, the journalists had to think in a better way, not like volgars, Alexis thought.
I looked through my nasty sights, the patriarch was blessing Gorby. He was reading
" You were a stray child whom once we baptized you midst Atheists . " Whilst at the same time, an evil commentator announced that the patriarch murmuring to himself, a different speech. "You bastard, a Satan's man, recieved such an ominous sign from Him...the Lord never accepts your prayers. " But we heard him, praising Gorby confidently.
“You saved the Russian churches from heathen and heretics, God bless you, son,” he went on blessing Gorby, frankly."You have got the God’s gift , Naevus flammeus , the real sign of glory of Lord." He said.

We spies,for the last time,haerd Gorby talking to his ancestors (Precedents)  in the bathroom, moments ago. They held a tribunal meeting for him, and that was the first time he dared to think in the bathroom. "It was not your mission, bastard, the great knight will crush your bone, Gorby." His everlasting nightmare Lenin said.

"Millions of books were being written in my era, name just one book being written in your time." The ghost screamed. " I tried sincerely with your remains. They were nonsense, indeed, I am sorry." Gorby yelled."Nonsense? bastard, our cause was always above the truth, you have never understood the matter."
" A ghost like you nevr lives in these days, Sir." Gorby said.
He was now denying his fear. The ghost was sluggish, reading, and moving his fingers on written words, murmuring,slowly some paragraphs from his book, but Gorby stopped him, violently."Stop. Your lords in Westminster have changed minds, your  time is up" Gorby said."I had not any Lords , bastard, do not be so proud.'' The Ghost said. “You have no idea what bastard I am”Gorby screamed."We can not read any more, you were a great joke, Sir. You can be proud of that."Gorby said."I am the author of the whole earthly new testament.”The ghost said. “We have no bards to sing for you,Sir ”Gorby said.
" You wrecked all we had  built, bastard." The ghost said.
" But you wrecked the whole Russia." Gorby said.
" We built power plants, railways, houses."
" But you did not build Man, man." Gorby said.
" We built you..."The ghost screamed.
" You think you never die, do not you?" The ghost said.
" I did not think that why, why?" Gorby said.
"We gonna show you the real  Hell here." The ghost said.
" You never believed in Hell." Gorby said and left him for his pains.

"Rasputeen's eyes are gazing upon this chaos" Alexis told his guest Alex. Alex was the most prominent person in the delegation toured new Russia secretly and shared with Alexis secrets of the then time.
"Here we go Sir, wait for the night fall when concubines will be setting off , therefore see our nights and our vodka." Alexis said.The mystic part of the castle was rising again.We were dazzled midst the denying ghosts of Russia.

In the old castle, under His scepter, princes, princesses, counts and countesses were dancing, joyously , they were as nice as angels.

“Oh, old treasures of the nation” Alexis said passionately. We dreamed together.The lords of old Russia were dancing with waltzing fairies, recalling nights of War and Peace, paying tributes to Pushkin's honor under the Italian architect’s touch, Aristotle Fioravanti,and remembering the warriors fell at the battlefields for Russia.

"The prince brought the ancient legends to the Russian peasant to taste the new world how strongly the Cathedral Square reside in my heart." Said Alexis.
“Kremlin is the heart of six buildings, and cathedrals,” He said.
“Come along with me, Alex,” Alexis said.
“How communists would not destroy those symbols?” Alex asked him.
“Ask theories makers,” Alexis said.
“Are you looking for churchs, Alex?”
“There lies the church of Moscow where the Tsars were crowned,”

The fairy spot had enchanted even the communists. At night fall for their dismay, they were facing the massive limestone façade, crying for their weakness, admiring the architecture's skills, but cursing the system of the life he lived under, drinking and crying silently to avoid the suspicion of each other about the principles, feeling the cruel frame of the philosophy, and licking its taste in the sword's blade.

They had been mincing the theories forever, wearing fur and warm linen tissues, breathing and beholding red and blood for the nation, murmuring “Your architecture beauty is but a Russian peasant's blood and those five capped golden cupolas are his bone, bastard.” That was their fairest comment on the main design of Fioravanti.

At the late night Alex asked.“What is Gorby's view now, Alexis?”
“An ape alike, on one leg, barking , the man had lost his cult, for he is devouring the country through the evolving wine rules,” Alexis said.
“I am following a real moderate lame Don Quixote de la Mancha fighting on his own space ships, barking through the darkness,” Alexis said, he was drunken.

He was now issuing decrees one by one, while people dreamed of meat and sugar,”
"Raica is always with him, encouraging him." Alexi biased his talk.
“The gilded, three-domed Cathedral of the Annunciation was completed next in 1489.”Alexi said.
“How did you find him yesterday? Alex asked him.
“Fine, why?.
“Does not he feels dangers upon all these chaos ?” Alex insisted.
“It was to be reconstructed to a nine-domed design a century later. On the south-east of the square is the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael, where over fifty corpses of the Russian Royal families are interred.” Alexis said
“You are directing my attention to the history and achievements of your comrades,” Alex said.

“Here we are, Kremlin's guests drink the best ever vodka on earth, and listen to the recent episode of history,”Alexis said.
“It was not the real history of Russia, Alexis”
‘It was history, though.” Alexis said.

Guests from middle east were praying in the hall, while Chinese delegation were occupying their favorite wing.“Your wing is the best part of this castle, we got more for you. Make sure, if you want to. ” Alexis said.
“ Thank you, sir..we have never come here without maps.” Alex said.
“Well, forget that... Gorby, you ought to know, he is a kind of untrained Julius Caesar Committing suicide,on his own.” Alex said
“Oh. good God , he Just recently has discovered what money made for.” Alexis said.
I laughed loudly.

“He has told Raica , I prefer my own unit over this castle, he started OWNING some thing!!! that is the man's calamity, comrades thought his individual consistently under his appetite control, we had never faced such a beast, he spread a chaos in the minds.”

“Is he a new revolutionary?” Alex said.
“You never understand what is going on. Here Marx has explained everything, no one care what the last man could be.” Alexis said.
“well, well, look now his model is falling down, how could you stop the crack,” Alex said proudly. “He had to find his swastika to win the dead hearts, had not he?Alex said, in a bleating tone.
“He served the domestic churches of the Metropolitans and Patriarchs of Moscow, ”Alexis said, restlessly , he was not sure at all.

“Shall I understand your intention is to start from there I mean on the remains of the Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles?” Said Alex.
“You have a rule, it is a physical issue, destruct others to maintain your balance, that is the natural rule, no one blame you.”Alexis said.
“ We think of all probabilities,” Alex said.
“Lets evolution does its work. We have to study the past carefully, europium experts advised us we have lost the last century in our history. But we quite aware that it is is over,sir.” Alexis said.

We laughed and Alexi read. ''One-domed exquisite church of the featuring superb icons and frescoes; Ballet and debauchery, the Savior Cathedral in the Woods, and the 16th-century magnificent cathedrals of the Chudov Monastery and the Ascension Convent were after six hundred years destroyed to make room for the Communist Palace of Congresses.”

Alexis had tried with Kremlin Museums concierge Elena who always advocated a full-scale restoration of destroyed cloisters. “Here is the past, we are now looking forward, it is too difficult ,”she said.
Her father's blood was warmly featuring the space in her blushing face,” I remembered the news were flying suddenly around the world. The first astronaut was spinning around Earth, fretting our hearts.He was Elena's Father.

Alex remembered how they stunned and I remembered Pearl Beck’s shocked face in her essay.“I try my best not to blame Gorby.”Alex said.
“Seventy years in prison?”Alexis screamed."When I knew what money is,I started stealing, and put in my mind, I would confess my sins later in the church my mother had told me it might work."Alexis said.

I was expecting a great banquet, but Alex was suspicious. “ What can Russia serves now save this bitter Vodka.” Alex said."Blood!" I said ironically.

They walked through the corridor,and I followed them. Alexis was showed him more sites in Kremlin, shouting.“Here is another notable structure, soul of Ivan's the Great in the Bell Tower on the north-east corner of this square, high and lofty , once was said to mark the exact center of Moscow.” Alexis said."You tweet on the same dead marble, sir." Alex said.

“The bells would sound the alarm if any enemy was approaching. That is now what we are in need to survive, not Harem’s wing,” Alexis said. “Do you know what?” Alex screamed. Alexis' breathe stopped for a while swearing at his opponent.“Money, stupid,” Alexis cried. “We have it, we have a lot!!!”
“We did have thieves,we care thieves." Alexis screamed.

We laughed and screamed.“Tell Gorby I need sugar, I need eggs, we need potato, I need gum, bring me meat, bring me veggies, bring me more wine...then we can think better,”

“The white one is belong to Ivan III, the Terem Palace and Palace of facets are belong to Nicholas I,”

We walked the luxurious reception halls, a ceremonial red staircase, private apartments of the tsars, and the lower storey of the Resurrection of the Lazarus church, and the later rulers' remnants.

“There is a great crack in our land, I can not find a spot to step on, you can not feel me Alex.”Alexis said.We were touched, indeed.“I am emotional, crying, laughing, Gorby has left me on the mid way. But I do not plan to commit suicide.” He said.

‘ I am waiting for your challenging soul, Alexis.” said Alex.
The Northeast corner of the Kremlin was occupied by the Arsenal which was far before built for Peter the Great .

The current Arsenal was built after Napoleon's troops destroyed the previous one during his invasion. The northwestern section of the Kremlin still holds the Armory building.

It was built to a design by Konstantin Thon, it is currently a museum housing Russian state regalia and Diamond fund.
“Ivan’s the Great Bell Tower, Alex!!!” Alexi hailed.“It is the tallest bell tower here,

“I feel horror with this man.” Alex said.
“Well, how long you planned for this chaos, Alex?”
“Do not you feel any thing for those lost generations ?" Alex screamed.
“Not at all, they are dead.” Said Alexis.
“They deformed your identities.” Said Alex.
“Stay on this site.” He was breathing loudly.
“Gorby stirred the oceans, he can not understand what he has done.” Alex said.
“Is he a last man?” Alexis said." No he is not.He is dead." Alex said.

"The bell tower was affiliated with the Church of St. Ivan of the Ladder-under-the Bell, the name "Ivan" in the title. A new bell tower was rising next to the church on the foundation of the old tower, which gave it its name. At first it had just two belfries on different levels, but later on the orders of Boris Godunovit was raised to its present height. The building of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was the tallest building in old Moscow, and it was forbidden to put up any building in Moscow which was taller than the Bell Tower." Alexis was reading the history for himself by heart.

"Alexis, think and say farewell Taboo, Gorby should go too, Gorby can not built, Gorby was a man of ending, not a man of starting... I enjoyed your hot Vodka, good night my friend” Alex said." Good night , sir." Alexis said. “Your Vodka, was fabulous, it remains for me Russia's Coat of Arm for ever,” said Alex." Thank you."Said Alexis.

Alex walked towards his wing, wondering if ever they would rise up, again...Russia with all its heroes. He looked back twice, and then disappeared.

Alexis stood alone with his pains."Alex should have heard from me personally, Napoleon’s story and the cross of the Annunciation Cathedral”He said.“I am not a traitor to the fatherland, Alex” He was being shocked, trembling, crying unto the ceiling .“No one can shoot me or shoot Gorby.Alex, my friend, my enemy.”

He saw Gorby later midst his guests sharing the banquet joyously laughing with everyone. His Naevus flammeus was mastering the scene now,frightening all Kremlin's demons from now forth. He felt himself had converted to a real Orthodox that started discarding the solid belief he had.

" I feel I am nothing, Lord".But along with his weakness he hailed Ivan the Great and looked unto his Bell Tower on its position where adjoining the Assumption Belfry. Then he remembered even the name of the Italian immigrant architect Petrok Maly in Fryazin had converted to Orthodox too. But he was frightened by the Great Assumption Bell which was cast by Zavyalov, for it remained the biggest of all the Kremlin bells, unchanged.

This ensemble include a lot of magical bells. Alexis, who grew up there in side the buildings and had started his career there as a service boy, knew all treasures of Kremlin. They were now becoming the national treasure “Fairy Fine Arts, artworks from the Armory Chamber collection, the collections of jewelry art, fabrics, weapons and Armour, horse ceremonies harness, lots of production of the Moscow's Kremlin workshops, porcelain and glasswork, jewelry and lapidary's art ; diamond silverware, graceful stone figurines and, the unique imperial Easter Surprise Eggs, Wooden sculpture from the Russian land, types of wooden carving and peculiar influence of the Byzantine iconographic tradition on tradition of folk carving,

He was an obsessed guard of Items of Empress Catherine I; trophies, coronation attire, vase, goblet, Peter III personal articles; officer halberd, snuffbox, swords, Catherine the Great's, during coronation ceremony, medal and knob for a wand of supreme Master of ceremony; mace, knob of walking stick, lorgnette, buttons, caskets and remnant of the Soviet space rockets.

Alexis knelt down and sat on the ground in front of Gorby's office waiting for the crew to working out or fabricating " Tomorrow's Speech....." swearing and drinking to death. But though Alexis was still dazzled With all filthy scraps in his ill mind, he felt himself rising to a new horizon, like a giant Russia itself with all these treasures here upon the long waiting with all Russians in the House of Dead, and this House of Doma.



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