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On an essay. What Was Manna?written by Prof. Roger Wotton, in UCL in UK

Manna is a physical entity, depicted as a supernatural origin in the Old Testament . This physical entity has some characteristics that have been mentioned in the Bible. Book of Number, The most crucial statement about the manna is. ‘Arriving with the dew during the night,’ Probably,the environment approach provide the condition for the chemical formation of the entity . Exodus adds that manna was comparable to hoarfrost in size, similarly had to be collected before it was melted by the heat of the sun , and was white like coriander seed in color. after collecting it may become like bdellium.

The Holly text is reciting, in the time when Israelites had been wandering in the wilderness for so many years, and they built this unique relation with a material fell down on the way they passed through. They called it Manna. (Manna, obviously, in Hebrew language , is some thing bestowed, and has a heavenly origin.) Some dictionaries state the definition in this way: An ash tree which exudes a sweet edible gum (manna) from its branches when they are damaged, native to Southern Europe and South West Asia. But, this way of bestowing would not fascinate any mind, if it was not heavenly originated.

But, in considering manna not heavenly originated, yet, as a falling material from the sky, would be ranked such as rain or snow. Whilst storms and Tornados are less heavenly ranked, and if they carried manna away with all kinds of dirt, eventually would make a mixture of manna and all kind of dirt, and manna would disappear midst the huge amount of dirt . ( Here, according to my knowledge, in counting all regions with extreme storm around the world, no traces of manna could be found.)

Tornado, or the Khamsin or khamasin wind would not help the formation of Manna , on contrary it is against the congregating of the particles of the material. In Egypt, Khamsin usually arrives in April but occasionally occur in March and May, carrying great quantities of sand and dust from the deserts, with a speed up to 140 kilometers per hour. The khamasin wind is hot and dry and dusty far different from ‘Arriving with the dew during the night.’

During Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign the French soldiers had a hard time with Khamsin: when the storm appeared "As a blood-stint in the distant sky", the natives went to take cover, while the French "Did not react until it was too late, then choked and fainted in the blinding, suffocating walls of dust, instead of falling of Manna.

How Moses and Herron behaved at Sinai during Khamasin? Probably not like Napoleon’s soldiers, since they were familiar with Khamasin.

Personally I crossed Sinai and for a long time have being thinking about Manna- Sinai, and came to a conclusion, if Manna fell down for Israelite at that time, it would never falls on Sinai of this new earth environment, because there is no manna’s primal material above Sinai now and long time ago, to proceed the process of creation of the main component of that terrestrial featured -sky entity.(Simply sugar.) The main component of Manna.

Therefore, the crucial question would be , what are sugar’s components ? Definitely, the simplest chemical structure of sugar is made of Hydrogen, Oxygen, and carbon Monosaccharides are the simple sugar, the most important is glucose. Almost all sugars have the formula CnH2nOn (n is between 3 and 7). Glucose formula is C6H12O6. Therefore for each molecules we need carbon, hydrogen, oxygen in the ratio n/2n/n. in a specific arrangement to make sugar not lipid.

In answering the question. Is there a natural plant in the sky producing such kind of sugar ? Definitely there is such a plant… higher or in several hundred meters above the sea level, where in the space a specific area with the environment of temperature, pressure, and humidity etc, working in harmony, in a specific area, definitely becomes the imaginary plant of manna.

Now, the question is: is not air made of nitrogen , oxygen hydrogen carbon and all other gases and also water vapor, and all together are exposed to a wide range of pressure and temperature in the sky somewhere above some regions. (Personally watched the weather during falling Manna {Gezo] on Kurdistan heights, it is known for everyone there, how to collect the manna . I also read about manna production of Terengin in Iran. Terengin may be somehow a different type, of gezo forming in lower temperature, or under different pressure .

Therefore, in conclusion , the most reliable theory is: the formation of the physical entity manna is depending on the existing of the basic component of sugar in Air {Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen , with possibility being mixed with other particles , or materials during its local journey, like rain or hail.). All this under a special condition: required temperature, special pressure, and humidity or even a magic thunder or even catalysts. Researches could be conducted for proving the origin of manna practically in some places . A simple design depending on balloons left on deferent heights with sensors watching the formation of the manna in a such environment could answer all our questions.

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